Treat Skin Imperfections with minimal downtime, discomfort, or scabbing




Thermo-Lo delivers electric current through a needle-shaped electrode that heats pinpoint precise areas of the skin and dehydrates imperfections. Results are immediate.



Conditions Treated: 

~ Sun Spots & fine lines
~ Age Spots
~ Spider Capillaries
~ Cherry Angiomas

~ Milia
~ Skin Tags
~ Cholesterol Deposits

No special preparation is necessary on the patient's part prior to the procedure.

The area to be treated will be thoroughly cleaned, the device has a pen-like instrument with a metal probe at the tip. The metal portion is placed very close to the skin and a foot pedal pushed allowing electricity to flow and into the skin. The procedure is very quick, a large amount of imperfections can be treated in a short amount of time.

Following the Procedure / Aftercare

Immediately after the procedure caladryl lotion will be applied to help heal and dry the area further. Client will be given care instructions to follow at home. The area treated will scab and heal on its own.

The area should not be washed for the first 24/48 hours, this allows the healing process to naturally occur. Thereafter, it can be cleansed with gentle soap and water. Makeup may be applied very gently the next day.


    • Single treatment:$95 for up to 20 minutes