PCA Chemical Peel

Because change is a good thing


PCA professional peels address skin conditions such as loss of collagen, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Encouraging cellular turnover dead or damaged surface cells are shed allowing the deeper layers of fresh untouched skin to be revealed. Post peel your skin will look and feel younger and healthier, your complexion will literally glow!

PCA is the gold standard in the industry, their peel solutions are scientifically formulated for all skin types. There are a number of different peel variations. After your in-depth consultation the PCA peel best suited for your unique skin type and condition will be reccomended. The effectiveness of the peel is increased by using PCA Skin products before and after your treatment. PCA Skin peels are free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, phthalates (plasticizers) and are not tested on animals.

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  • PCA Peel

    Combining AHA, kojic acid, hydroquinone with a modified Jessner's solution to repair & reduce breakouts. Especially beneficial for oily skin, as well as skin with hyperpigmentation. Softens lines around the eyes and nasolabial folds, smooth skin texture and even skintone. Also stimulates collagen and elastin production.

  • Sensi Peel
    Perfect for ethnic or those with extremely sensitive skin types. Smoothing, melanin inhibiting, strengthening and hydration to many who previously would not have been able to tolerate chemical peels (rosacea.) It is highly effective with virtually no stimulation.
  • Ultra Peel
    A blend of TCA and lactic acid along with phytohormones for plumping and hydration. Added antibacterial agents, melanin inhibitors, as well as skin strengthening and brightening ingredients together produce an impressive result for all skin types. Preferred choice for darker and mature skin types.
  • Microdermabrasion w/a Peel
    A treatment for those desiring a dramatic difference in their skin. Creates a more receptive atmosphere for the peel to absorb and work its magic on your freshly smoothed, clean skin. Can also be used in conjunction with the body peel. One of my favorite treatments to perform!
  • Microdermabrasion w/ Oxygenating Trio
    All of the healing, hydrating, antioxidant benefits of the Oxygen treatment combined with the intense cleansing, dead cell removing benefits of microdermabrasion. This treatment was developed for clients who desire hydration along with the top layer of the skins surface removed. It brightens, heals and stimulates the skin. Add on the detox treatment for acne and you have yourself quite an amazing result! (Detox gel add on $15)
  • Smoothing Body Peel

    Many people focus their attention completely on their faces, while damage on the hands, arms or chest can easily give away a person's age. Done on a monthly basis this treatment will keep your arms, chest, back and other areas smooth, hydrated and blemish free! A two step treatment, TCA, lactic, salicylic acid along with ingredients that smooth, firm, and brighten the skin on the body. Recommended for aging, sun damaged, dehydrated or acne prone skin. Hand peel $40 Back peel starting at $99 Chest peel $90 Arm peel $75 (removes the little bumps that are frequently found on the backs of arms)

  • Detox Treatment
    This active blend of glycolic and salicylic acid penetrates pores dissolving impactions and blackheads, killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, removing excess cell debris. Strong antibacterial and antioxidant action. Your skin will be hydrated, purified and clear!
  • Peel  Add Ons
    • Detox Gel Mask: detoxifying to all skin types. Purifies & clears the complexion.Gentle, deep pore cleansing treatment, expels impurities.
    • Clarifying Mask: purifies acne prone skin, lightens pigmentation, calms the skin
    • Revitalizing Papaya Mask: leaves skin with rough texture smooth and glowing
    • Hydrating Oatmeal Mask: hydrates extremely dry, damaged or sensitive skin
    • Retexturizing Pumpkin Mask: brightens dull complexion leaving a healthy glow

Peels Pricing

PCA Chemical Peels

Service Price
PCA Peels $98 and up
Sensi Peel $98 and up
Ultra Peel $98 and up
Microdermabrasion w/peel $148
Oxygenating Trio w/microdermabrasion $140
Smoothing Body Peel $99 and up
Acne Detox Treatment/Extractions $125
Peel Add Ons $15 each

Peels Add Ons

Peels Add Ons Price
Add On - Detox Gel $15
Add On - Clarifying Mask $15
Add On - RevitalizingPapaya Mask $15
Add On - Retexturizing Pumpkin Mask $15
Add On - Hydrating Oatmeal Mask $15

What People Are Saying About Lisa G Skin Care

  • I love her set up that she has going on. She's always so nice and things are not overpriced like other places. I go there for laser hair removal. I had it done at another business and it didn't really do anything. Lisa's machine must be newer or something, because it is working much more efficiently than the other place I went to. I live pretty far away from her office, I drive all the way past other places just to utilize her skills. -Troy C.
  • Lisa provides an excellent facial experience. She took the time to choose products for my finicky skin. The room is quiet & relaxing and the bed is warm & comfortable. Lisa is the best! -Priscilla D.
  • Just spent a very relaxing hour-plus having a facial at Lisa G's Skincare located upstairs at Colour on Burnside. 35+ years of spa experiences from San Francisco to Paris and I can honestly say you can't do any better, or meet a nicer person. She is the BEST! -Diane C.
  • Wonderful, relaxing facial with Lisa! I would highly recommend to anyone. -Rob D.
  • When I had my facial with Lisa I not only looked great when I was done I felt so relaxed. Her facial massages are amazing. I am getting the facial peel next because I have seen the after effect of others who have experienced Lisa's peels and they look wonderful. - Roxanne
  • Lisa works with a high degree of professionalism and friendliness. She stays current on latest trends for her industry and is always warm and welcoming in her appointments. She customized a treatment that was specific for my skin, she was very engaging in her conversation and she followed up with me after the visit to see how I was doing. As someone who doesn’t necessarily stay up to date on her industry I appreciate how elementary she explained what she was doing and why during the treatments. I will continue to see her anytime I need to feel completely relaxed! -David P.
  • Lisa is a natural at skincare. She has taught me so much about how to take care of my skin to fight aging and sun damage. She has given me facials and chemical peels. Lisa definitely has a magic touch! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to look and feel years younger and wants a little pampering! -Lorelei M.
  • Lisa is the best esthetician that I have ever had. I had never had a peel-- only facials and I was a little nervous. Lisa made me feel relaxed, at ease and safe. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She has a sharp mind and knows exactly what your skin needs! The difference in my skin as when I first went to Lisa is noticeable. I get compliments frequently. And I love the PCASkin products she uses. I can't wait to go back. If you are thinking of going--go. You will have a wonderful relaxing experience in a cozy comfortable salon. -Maureen M.
  • Lisa's attention to detail is unparalleled! She bases your experience on the results YOU desire. Give her a try, you'll be hooked! -Diane F.
  • Lisa is wonderful! she is very knowledgeable, listens to your concerns about your skin, and gives great skin advice. I have had amazing results with her peels and microdermabrasion. -Leah G
  • Big shout-out to Lisa Gruis for doing an outstanding job on my makeup for the New Year's Eve gig at the Waterfront Marriott! I've always shied away from having someone do makeup because i am a "slatherer", trying to cover up the "old" in me and it's hard to communicate the look I'm going for...Lisa has a sixth sense with her clients and is very gentle...she doesn't judge, she's gentle and she brings out a beauty with her colors and depths that you don't even realize you have! Really looking forward to getting a whole skin care regimen going with her and a whole lot of makeup tips! THANK YOU LISA!!! - Debbie Earnhart
  • Lisa is awesome! I was looking for someone to perform a peel for a special event that was coming up and I'm so glad I found her! She was really kind and patient with me, the peel was very relaxing and my skin is soooo much softer, I will be coming back soon. Thanks Lisa! - Beiky R
  • Wonderful, relaxing facial with Lisa! I would highly recommend to anyone. If you're anything like me, you spent the better part of an evening researching various chemical peel types, and scoured the internet for pictures of people who have done them. Having never done a peel before, I was VERY nervous that I was going to have to hide from my friends and blame my skin peeling on a freak sunburn I somehow managed to get with our Portland sun. When I went to see Lisa G, I let her know this and she recommended the Sensi peel, as it has very little down time (if any) and would be a good way for her to gauge what my skin can handle. She explained everything so well and really made me feel very comfortable with the whole experience. The peel itself was really easy, it was I think 3 applications with little breaks in between to let the 'Spicy' calm down. She can fan your face, but I didn't need it as it really just tingled. She then put a bunch of serums and moisturizer things on and I was good to go!
  • I was worried that I would have to cancel my dinner plans (I had a 5:30 appt and dinner reservations at 7). But after I got home, my face looked just brighter and maybe a little red, but certainly no reason to hide out. Anyways, over the next few days I didn't have any peeling, but my skin was somewhat flaky. The results are amazing! The texture of my skin is so much softer, and it just absorbs my lotion more easily. The overall tone is much more even, and while some old scars are still there from picking, they are lighter. I just feel more comfortable in skin! The best part? My boyfriend told me I was *glowing* the week after. Score!
  • Oh the other great thing is that Lisa emailed me just to check in and see how I was doing after the peel. How nice is that?! I think I'll get another one done that's stronger, based on the results of this one. If you're on the edge about getting it done, I would highly recommend the Sensi peel. I never once felt like I needed to change my plans, and every day I woke up in the morning excited to see how my skin was changing for the better. Do it!! - Carmen G
  • Lisa is a great! I went in for a back waxing and I was still relaxed when I left. If you are a guy I want a low key comfortable place Lisa is the one to see. Ladies I hear her facials are amazing! The room has a great atmosphere for both men and women. Lisa is relaxed but professional and knows what she is doing. I would recommend her highly to both men and women! The only complaint is my appointment wasn't longer! It was a great experience! - Stephen
  • Lisa gave me my 1st chemical peel. She is very sweet & explained thoroughly what she was doing step by step during the peel process. Her prices are great, the location is easy to find & she is extremely knowledgeable about skincare! I have another peel appointment soon with her & I can hardly wait! - Erin B
  • I have seen Lisa twice for an eyebrow wax! She is super sweet and does such a great job shaping my eyebrows and getting them to a good arch! I look forward to seeing more of her and additional services as well. - Lori L
  • I have seen Lisa twice for an eyebrow wax! She is super sweet and does such a great job shaping my eyebrows and getting them to a good arch! I look forward to seeing more of her and additional services as well. - Lori L
  • I have seen Lisa twice for an eyebrow wax! She is super sweet and does such a great job shaping my eyebrows and getting them to a good arch! I look forward to seeing more of her and additional services as well. - Lori L
  • I had the men's facial at Lisa G's Skincare. It was something I never thought I would do but am so glad I did!. Lisa is great, a true pro. She knows her stuff and is a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended! - Jason L
  • AMAZING! Lisa is incredible, you will be in a totally relaxed environment and with a professional that loves her job!! I have VERY sensitive skin and Lisa was able to recognize the type of treatment that would best suit my skin and its issues. I have had amazing results and would recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking for help with complex skin conditions, such as rosacea. - Adrienne M
  • Awsome. Wow. Lisa is awesome. She totally made everything so relaxing and great. she was so helpful and actually cared enough to answer any questions with real answers. I never felt hurried or rushed. and my skin still feels amazing.Both my wife and I have decided that Lisa is skin care specialist. We drive from north Vancouver to Portland because she is worth the drive. - Tyler H

  • 'll admit it, I get facials every few months. I've came here now for my last two. Lisa is wonderful to work with. Doesn't even push her products for me to purchase, like other places will do. She's also very friendly and easy to talk to. Definitely five stars in my eyes.

    Scott L. Portland

  • I am so glad I found Lisa! I have tried a lot of facial places in Portland, and I have to say, Lisa is one of the best estheticians I have found. I love that she does more medical grade peels than other places I have gone to, and she also does two procedures that are not as well known:  Micro-Needling and Thermo-Lo.

    Sheila E. Portland

  • Lisa is not only really knowledgeable, but she's incredibly sweet and you can really tell she loves what she does. If you are looking for someone who does heavier peels, microdermabrasion, and more cutting edge treatments, check out Lisa's website. She's offers a lot of great treatments that will really improve your skin. *Lisa told me that she used to have problem skin, but she has done peels and Micro-Needling, and she now has incredible skin. She also looks like someone half her age, so that says a lot.

    Sheila E. Portland

  • I've gone to Lisa now for a peel and microneedling- and can definitely say she's amazing. My peel made a significant impact on my sun damage and my pores look smaller too. (I just had the needling done so can't report on results yet, but am certain I'm going to be really pleased.) In both appointments, I found her to be not only super sweet, but extremely thorough and informative  regarding any treatments I was curious about. Lisa listened to my concerns and told me the honest truth about the advantages and drawbacks/healing time (if any) of any potential treatment- in a helpful, caring manner. And then proceeds to do a fantastically thorough effective treatment. My skin is happier/better since I've met her and I'll be back.

    Collleen O. Portland

  • I think it's finally time Lisa gets her well deserved 5 star review! I found and chosed her among the other esthetician places I compared, and I'm glad I took a chance on her. I chosed her because of her past reviews she seems like someone who has earned the client's trust by providing  noticeable results in her services.

    I came to her for a chemical peel hoping to fix my terrible acne scar skin, after a week of skin peeling my skin had less scars, was more even textured, and the skincare routine I always do finally seem to finally absorb better. I can't afford her services every month yet, sadly...(student).But I love to refresh my skin when I can or  before vacation, because skin dulls over time. I am more than happy to rave to all my friends about this amazing person. cause I love my skin now. Thanks Lisa :)

    Bettina G Portland